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I am the artist behind the lens

Megan Escheman, an award winning, published photographer based in Yuba City, CA.

There are so many things in my life that have inspired my creativity, passion, and talent behind my photography. My family is my world, and what showed me my passion for photography.

In the midst of a stressful career of law enforcement, I needed a calm in the storm. I turned to photography for my relief and I haven’t let go since.

What I'm all about here at MEP

My guiding principles

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Building lasting relationships beyond the photoshoot is important to me. I focus on providing exceptional customer service and maintaining open communication.

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Each family is unique, and your photos should reflect that. I believe in building a strong connection with my clients and understanding their individual stories.  

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Genuine Moments

I strive to capture authentic and meaningful moments to create images that reflect the true emotions and connections between families. 

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Having Fun!

If this whole process isn't fun, then what is even the point?!
Let's enjoy your session!

I have a passion for love, life, and laughter. 

Without the strength and encouragement from my loved ones, I never would’ve made it this far. My amazing family, friends, and clients only make the dreams and goals I have set for myself possible. I’m truly surrounded by the best support system imaginable.

My family has always been, and continues to be, my biggest fans and supporters.

With each session that I photograph I want to create a timeless masterpiece for my clients. 

I love capturing the everyday moments between families, children, friends, and lovers. It’s these moments that we want to freeze in time and never lose sight of. I photograph everything from newborns, to family, to high school seniors, and even cake smashes to celebrate that exciting 1yr milestone!

some  of  my  faves

For the curious

can  you  guess  the  blanks?

I went to college on a softball SCHOLARSHIP

At one point I was a wife and mom, cop, softball pitching coach, college softball coach, AND a photographer. (Those were some CRAZY days!)

My husband and I met when he shot me in the butt with an airsoft gun.

I believe there’s a RIGHT way to load a dishwasher.

I’m a little OCD, and thankfully my husband embraces it and just laughs at me most the time. 

I’m a prop addict. My newborn studio is literally packed floor to ceiling with props. 

my absolute Fav drinks - coffee, Diet Dr. Pepper, wine, whisky

Starbucks order- grande Caramel macchiato with oat milk and an add shot of espresso OR a Venti black Iced tea unsweetened

I don’t eat meat- my parents say it’s because one day when I was little I “pulled a Megan” & decided I wouldn't, now here we are 30+ years later and I’ll only eat chicken. 

We have a 1 year old chocolate lab named River

psst ....

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Contact Megan

I photograph every portrait session personally.

I provide you with the individual attention that you and your family need to create a timeless masterpiece to cherish forever. You will not feel rushed, or pushed through a “system.” I treat every client like they are my family.  Each portrait experience is customized and planned just for you!  I’m just an email, phone call, or text message away, answering questions and giving suggestions along the way.

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When you walk away from our session I want you to feel like you just made a new friend, someone who you can trust to capture and create memories that will last a lifetime!